Introducing Cassidy Quips: Does Customer Service Today Make You Want To Scream??

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To begin with, our main focus and prime concern, is recognizing how poor customer service has become over the years. Let’s be honest (one thing you can appreciate about our blogs), customer service is going to the dogs. Why do we feel as though professionals coming into our home have got us by the short and curlies??


Angry and unsatisfied with customer service

Why does there seem to be a total lack of respect or appreciation of patronage? Why can’t people just show up when they say they’re going to show up?? Why, when the bill is getting written up, does there always have to be a surprise?? Why, as a customer, do we let these “professionals” (and I use the term loosely), walk on our nice carpeted floors with their overshoes on?? Well, that one might be our fault. But then why does it seem that when I call for a specific problem, the guy can’t show up with the specific parts/equipment that is required?? Why does he always have to go back to the shop, charge me extra, when I’ve explained exactly what I needed on the phone.

Any of these scenarios sound familiar? What are any of these companies really doing for us today anyway? Why are we treated as though these companies are doing us a favor by providing us with a service that we’re paying for, when in reality, we’re doing them a favor by choosing to give them our business? There used to be a mutual respect and loyalty in that transaction. Why do we feel the need to keep going back to a company that we’ve never been happy with in the first place, just because we’ve used them before? Does it always have to be ‘Better the Devil You Know?’

Angry with customer service


So, we’ve determined the question is why, and here is the answer: because people are so demoralized with the level of customer service that they get today, pretty much everywhere they go, that most people feels as though it’s not even worth the time or effort to try someone new because they’re just going to get more of the same.

The Cassidy & Cassidy company was started with a simple premise – “Take care of the customer and the customer will take care of you”. Combined, we have worked in the service industry for decades, from back when customer service actually used to mean something, to today where the term has become either laughable or a mythical concept. At Cassidy & Cassidy, we’re not just interested in providing the kind of customer service people can only dream about receiving today, we want to get the ball rolling on changing this standard overall. Let’s start a discussion, let’s get angry, let’s tell it how it really is!


With Cassidy Quips, you’ll find we might be a bit rough around the edges, but you’ll also find nobody today is just saying it like it is! If these quips offend you, then we’re sorry…well….probably not. If you’re truly offended by the end of these quips, then there’s actually a good chance you might be part of the problem! If you’re truly offended, then just don’t read them, or do keep reading and maybe you’ll learn something! Either way, we’re going to be telling it how it is and we’re happy to share this experience with you.

We just listed some of the issues surrounding customer service that we feel are contributing to the overall lack of quality provided today in service-driven industries. These are just some of the issues that Cassidy Quips will be addressing.


Do you find that any or all of these issues may apply to you?? We look forward to hearing about relatable situations you may have been through and opening discussions on how these situations either could have been avoided or improved. Leave us a comment below about your experiences and we’ll get the ball rolling! After all, lets face it, few people these days are happy with the level of customer service they are provided, but let’s talk about it, and start fixing it! Come on people, lets get quippy!

Cassidy & Cassidy Déblocage/Unblocking

Mike Cassidy

Drain Specialist & Business Owner at Cassidy & Cassidy Déblocage/Unblocking
Mike has spent most of his life working in the customer service industry, starting back when the term customer service actually used to mean something. Finally fed up of having to follow the lead of others, Mike and his son Sean started their own company Cassidy & Cassidy Déblocage/Unblocking. Together, they are quickly becoming the #1 company for customer service within their industry.

Mike and his daughter started these blogs as a way to start connecting with their customers. With all his years of experience, Mike has a wealth of information many people would find useful. So with this in mind, we created our first, educational Cassidy & Cassidy blog posts.

Still wanting to bring the customer service issues of today to light though, Cassidy Quips was then created. These quips are intended to help people realize that they deserve better when it comes to customer service, and offer them some tips and tricks to perhaps start feeling as though they're not constantly getting screwed with their pants on.

These quips may be rants, they may be fun, and with any luck, they may leave you coming back for more!
Mike Cassidy