3 Reasons You Should Get a Camera Inspection While the City Digs Up Your Street!

1. A 1-time mess – all the landscaping can be done at the same time!

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Nobody likes to have to dig up their front yard. But if the city decides it’s to be done, what can you do? Might as well take advantage of it if you can! Getting a camera inspection can save you both time and money down the road.

Your sewage pipe comes out of the house and connects directly to the main sewer in the street. It may come out of the house perpendicular to the street, or it may come out diagonally. It may be running underneath your beautifully paved/Pavé-Uni driveway. It may be running right underneath that beautiful oak tree that you love so much. Regardless, when the city decides the infrastructure under the street needs to be replaced, they only do their part. The driveway might go, the tree might go, the pave-uni might go, but if it has to go, it wouldn’t make any sense that within a year-or two-or three, you have to do the same thing all over again. By having a camera inspection, it’s easy to determine the type of pipe you have and the condition of it. It also helps you determine whether the problems of the pipe are going to have to be addressed in the not-too-distant future.

People that have to replace their sewage pipe would most certainly want to do it when their front yard is already getting dug up. Who wouldn’t?

2. The sewage pipe can be lowered to accommodate a new bathroom in the basement

Most people have a “clean-out” on the floor of their basement. This is a direct access to the sewer pipe, all the way to the street. Some people however, have a four inch cast iron clean-out on the wall, several inches above the floor. Should you decide that you want to renovate your basement and install a bathroom, by having this pipe protruding from the wall, you will never be able to connect any kind of a bathroom to it without installing a sewage pit. Sewage pits can be fantastic, but they require maintenance, and depending on the use, they can also be fairly expensive.

A camera inspection can determine the depth of your pipe outside, as well as on the city’s side. When they dig up the street, if you have the available slope, you could always ask the city to lower their pipe, in order that you might be able to install a slightly lower pipe, and therefore negate a sewage pit altogether.

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3. Maybe it’s time for ¾-inch or 1-inch copper supply line (copper water line)

Most of the fixtures within our house have restrictors for water conservation. Having said that, a number of people enjoy having showers with multiple jets, or they like to have a nice hot shower without freezing to death every time somebody flushes a toilet, etc., etc. Often, you will find the reason for this dilemma is that there is a ½-inch pipe coming into your house. We know the city has a connection for a ¾-inch pipe, so it would make perfect sense at this point to bring in a ¾ inch pipe. It would get you more water, that’s for sure.

Now, some of the larger homes would love to have a 1-inch water supply. But the expense for being able to grab a 1-inch from the city main is very high. So, if the city is digging up the street, you can always ask the city at this point, since they’re changing all their pipes anyway, would they be kind enough to install a 1-inch water supply, so that you could supply additional water to your home? Something to think about.

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