Top 4 reasons to get a camera inspection – And what could happen if you don’t!

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There are a lot of reasons to get a camera inspection, here are the 4 most common ones that could both save you headaches, and money!

1. A Picture is Worth 1000 Words, and Seeing is Believing

  1. I hate to say this, but the very first thing I need people to understand is that you need to be careful who you trust. I maintain that a well-informed customer is able to make a well-informed decision. When we pass a camera, we want the customer to see what we’re seeing. If we find roots and tell the customer there’s roots at 33 feet, they can actually see that there are roots at 33 feet. So, seeing is believing.If we pass a rotor machine, and each time we pull it back we pull out roots, then the customer knows there are roots. All too often however, they’re told that “Ok, I’ve gotten all the roots out, you’re good to go.” If somebody had just passed a camera though, they would probably find that they weren’t in fact good to go, and within six months, (usually ends up in the middle of winter), they’ve got sewage all over their floor. Long story short: always, demand a camera inspection. It could be the best guarantee you’ll ever have.

2. Preventative Maintenance

  1. When you pass a camera and you see that you have a small root infiltration, you have no serious obstructions till those roots get bigger. Then you get sewage all over the basement floor. So, removing these roots, before they become a major problem, will certainly prevent a major sewage backup. Preventative maintenance is determining what course of action should be taken, if any. Doing so, could save you time and a serious headache down the line. Not to mention money. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3. Inspecting and Locating Your Pipes

  1. Sadly, none of us have x-ray vision. Where are those damn pipes? You’re planning on a big renovation of your basement. A major renovation, like a brand-new basement, is great. A couple of things that’s very important to keep in mind: One, if you’re planning on redoing a bathroom downstairs or installing a new bathroom, you need to know where your pipes are located in order to hook your bathroom up. The only method of being able to locate pipes is with a camera inspection, and a piece of equipment that’s called a locator. That will determine precisely where your pipes are in your basement.Two, everything is going to stay as is, but you’re planning on redoing the walls, floor and ceiling. Great. Before putting one dollar of effort or expense into the floor of your new basement though, you really should have an inspection of the pipes.

    If your house is over 40 years old, there’s a very good chance your pipes are cast iron, and they may have reached their life expectancy. If your pipes under the cement floor, are in poor condition, why would anyone want to put a brand-new basement floor on top of that? When the basement is gutted, before you start rebuilding, it takes very little effort to dig up the floor and replace your pipes. If you put down a beautiful brand-new floor, and three years from now your pipes have actually collapsed, you are not only digging up a cement floor, but you’re destroying the beautiful basement floor you put in only three years earlier.  Way more expensive then breaking up just a little cement don’t you think?

4. If You’re Buying or Selling a House

  1. It’s becoming prevalent today for people who are buying a house to request a camera inspection of their main sewage pipes. So, what are we looking for when we’re buying a house as far as the sewage pipe is concerned? Well, first of all, passing a camera will let you know whether you’ve got a major expense with regards to digging up and replacing your main sewer pipe, or if you’re good to go for at least several years ahead.We pass cameras for prospective buyers all the time. A prospective buyer needs to know whether the pipes going from the house to the street are in good condition. If not, perhaps a reduction in the asking price is required…

    From the seller’s perspective, when the decision is made that your house is going on the market, just have a camera inspection of your main sewage pipe. Here’s why: One, it allows you to see if there are going to be any concerns should the prospective buyer decide to do a camera inspection. Two, if the pipe is in good condition, you have a video that indicates as much. Offering the video to the prospective buyer also saves them a few bucks as well, and it assures them there are no problems with your main sewage pipe.If the camera inspection does indicate there is a problem, there are obviously various solutions to rectify the issue. Taking care of the problem on your own could literally save you thousands of dollars. All too often, real-estate agents are not aware of the cost involved in repairing or replacing these pipes, and as a result, the selling price can get reduced accordingly.

If any of these above situations apply to you, or you have a blockage in your drain, please contact us!

Still can’t decide if a camera inspection is right for you? Here are some more reasons you should consider.

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