What is Iron Ochre?

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Does your home have an Iron Ochre problem?

If you’ve been living with rusty colored water in your sump pump pit you already know what it is and the headaches it can cause. Iron ochre can result from either a chemical reaction or a biological process, and both may occur either individually or simultaneously:

  • Chemical reaction: When the soil contains iron, it migrates with the water towards the drainage system. When it comes into contact with the atmosphere, it forms a sludge of iron hydroxide.
  • Biological process: When iron bacterium is present within the water table, this bacterium, following oxidation of the iron upon coming into contact with the atmosphere, produces a gel-like mass.

When the biological process adds up to the chemical reaction, the oxidation effect is considerably increased. Both cases result in the formation of a viscous deposit on the corrugated wall of drain pipes. This deposit is what we call iron ochre. Simply put, iron ochre turns into a gel like substance and can block your French drain and all its components.

Given that this can be a serious problem in many regions of the province, the Quebec government has posted some additional information here.

Is it possible to eliminate iron ochre or prevent this bacterial growth?

No. Iron is naturally present in the soil; thus, it is very difficult to eliminate altogether. Even if one would replace the soil surrounding a building, iron originating from the neighboring soils would still migrate towards the drain of the property through natural water runoff. The only way to prevent bacterial growth would be to eliminate two natural elements from the soil- water and air – which is impossible. It is therefore not feasible to prevent the chemical reaction giving rise to iron ochre.

What are the consequences of iron ochre?

Iron ochre causes several issues with buildings including flooding and water damage:

  • It causes ocher-colored slimy sludge deposits to accumulate in the rain water catch basin and in ditches.
  • It creates reddish deposits on the concrete slab of basements. These deposits give a sulfur-like odor.
  • It obstructs agricultural tile drains: since runoff water is no longer channeled at a distance from the foundations, it infiltrates the basement, at the junction between foundation walls and slab.
  • It obstructs the backflow valves.
What can be done to eliminate damage to my basement? The Hydro-Jetting Solution!

Hydro-Jetting. The only procedure that can clean iron ochre from pipes and French drains is high pressure water cleaning. Once done, a camera inspection confirms that all has been cleaned properly. Usually the homeowner will do another inspection in 1 or 2 years. This allows the homeowner to determine the frequency of subsequent cleanings and organize with your drain specialist a maintenance plan that will keep your iron ochre at bay.

Hydro-Jetting can be done throughout the year; however, May thru October are the most cost effective months.

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